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The largest international studio in Zurich, home to all of Joe’s classic equipment

We are committed to offering instruction on Joe's classical method

ProPilates provides firsthand experience of the benefits that come with achieving a harmonious balance between body and mind.

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Flat Feet,

curvature of the spine,

protruding stomach,


hollow chest,

hollow back,

bow legs,


These conditions are cured through corrective exercises!

*Joseph Hubertus Pilates, Your Health, originally published in 1934

At ProPilates, we guarantee that with your commitment and a touch of patience, coupled with precision and control, significant improvements are within reach.

“You will feel better in ten sessions,

look better in twenty sessions,

and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”

*quote by J.H. Pilates

Schedule an introductory session to determine whether or not

we are a suitable fit for you.


Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Born in Germany in 1883, Pilates was a pioneer in physical fitness, known for his training, writing, and invention.


Despite health challenges, he dedicated himself to improving physical strength and understanding the body's mechanics.

He developed exercises and training techniques to correct posture and inefficient breathing, and engineered specialized equipment.

Joe pilates

Our goal is to develop your body‘s full potential to move with ease, strength, precision and control.

  • friendly atmosphere tailor-made to your individual needs and goals.

  • wealth of experience from different backgrounds

  • offers a variety of goal-orientated training.

  • Training with a friend is fun, even when your goals are different.

  • These hours are designed to be flexible and suit both participants.

  • Mat and apparatus

  • 4 participants for apparatus work

  • 6 participants for the mat work

  • We provide the full range of apparatus 

Tower Kurs_edited.jpg

*All trainings are by appointment only. Duration 55 min
Book group lessons over our App on Apple and Andriod

Recognized by health insurance contact us for more details.

Mat Class Janine rensch.jpg
Studio Equipment

At ProPilates we carefully select the equipment that best suits your body, to develop its fullest movement potential. Pilates is about aligning your body alignment and Joe Pilateses (inventor) equipment purposely support that goal!

The Mat exercises are your goal - the equipment is there to support you. 

We have all of Joe's originally developed, classicel equipment.  Here is a quick overview on the equipment we use and why. 

and a few more...

friendly atmosphere

Supportive corrections

Multilingual Classes

Recognized by health insurance

ProPilates is a family-owned studio with tradition

For more than a decade ProPilates has been a classical Pilates presence in Seefeld, Zurich.


Janine and her daughter Elise are committed to the tradition of the classical training and the transformative power of the method conceived by Joseph Pilates over a century ago.

Our family team is complemented by a close knit group of self employed teachers who add international diversity and specialised expertise.

What Our Clients Say
Karin Wächtli

Karin Wälchli

Von 0 zum Marathon, trotz Bandscheibenvorfall mit Lähmungserscheinungen und ohne Operation.

Ray Bar

Ray Bär

At 88 years old, maintaining enthusiasm for chosen activities is crucial. Despite being less active than before, I still find joy in the activities I continue, such as Pilates with Janine Rensch, twice weekly.

Functional Amenities and Facilities
  • Three changing rooms with communal and private areas.

  • Equipped with showers, restrooms, locker cabinets, and towels.

  • Offers a variety of beverages and snacks.

  • A cozy waiting area at the entrance.

  • Hygiene with daily cleaning by a professional cleaning company.

  • Safety and comfort, ensuring a clean and sanitized environment.

Beautiful view of Zurich Lake with ducks and trees in foreground..jpg
Beautiful view of Zurich Lake with ducks and trees in foreground..jpg

Contact us for more information

Kreuzstrasse 42, 8008 Zürich

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