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Hands on Pilates; zielorientierte Pilates Kurse, bei ProPilates Zürich-Seefeld

Goal Orientated

Pilates training: What is your Goal?

Your general overall health is always a balance of body and mind, and rarely one and not the other. Your inner strength is just as dependent on your mental as your physical capacity and determines your well being in your day to day life.

The benefits of Pilates are straight forward; a healthy body alignment, awareness of posture and strength to support us in our daily life.

Pilates before and after Pregnancy

Rachel Stukalenko; Pilates courses specialy for pregnancy

Being an active and athletic woman and young mother , I have experienced all the dramatic changes in my own body. As a Pilates trainer I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to take care of one’s body during and after pregnancy.


My education and personal experience allows me to adapt exercises that suit your changing body at every stage of your pregnancy.

It was an incredible experience to be taught from Bernadette de Gasquet during the formation „Physiologie de la maternité“ in 2021.


In addition, I offer you a preparation course with your partner, allowing him to be actively present during childbirth. We will precisely explore together the breathing techniques and the different childbirth positions as well as the relaxation exercises necessary to best accompany D-Day!


Childbirth! What a step!!!

A woman's body is both incredible and fragile and it is important to take care of it after giving birth. Although the arrival of a newborn is a real upheaval, it is essential not to neglect an appropriate healthy physical programme so that you can calmly assume the first months of maternity. Current social attitudes do not promote acceptable rest and recovery for young mothers and many end up with diastasis and/or insufficient perineal rehabilitation.


In my classes, I help you strengthen your deep abdominal muscles in order to regain good perineal function. Also, consolidating your shoulder girdle and optimizing your posture is, in my opinion, a priority to promote the carrying of your baby and avoid back pain. I will also support your diastasis recti rehabilitation outside the studio with exercises you can incorporate into your daily life.

Additionally, I offer personal training sessions to help you achieve your individual goals and expectations for post-natal recovery.


The ideal time to start is six to eight weeks after a spontaneous birth and eight to 10 weeks after a cesarean.


As I want to take care of every young mother, I only offer my course in

small groups (4 people) or in individual training.

Pilates for Musicians

Rachel_Violin_Pilates Studio

As professional musicians, we often work with our instruments for several hours a day - in personal preparation and while working in an orchestra or chamber music formation. All this time of active playing takes its toll: the body tires and tension builds up in muscles and connective tissue, which, if we don't do something about it, affects our performance more and more over time.

At the same time, few musicians do enough sport to build up enough muscles to hold their instrument in a way that is as healthy as possible and does not damage the body in the longer term. Neglecting the body can result in tendonitis, focal dystonia, joint problems or nerve diseases, in addition to the tension that often occurs.

As I am a violinist and orchestral musician, I lead an active and healthy lifestyle myself. Over the years, I have discovered the great benefits of Pilates as a balance to music. With the help of this method, I was able to significantly strengthen my deep muscles, correct my faulty posture and find a physical and mental stability that would be essential for all musicians.

That is why I have designed my own Pilates training and teaching programme to help musicians in an efficient and targeted way.

The health of all orchestra members is a valuable asset. I am convinced that the Pilates method is one of the most efficient forms of training for any musician. 

Pilates for Athletes and Sports People

Ana Pernas; Pilates in Zurich for Athlets and Sports people

As both a Marathoner and Pilates teacher I would like to share with you my teaching and training techniques as well as my knowledge on how to effectively apply the Pilates Method for athletes.

In my classes, you will learn specific Pilates based exercises to improve your skills, we might focus on strength, balance, flexibility and we will adapt it to whatever you need. 

You might be a runner, cyclist, skier, climber, or maybe a football, tennis or golf player no matter which type of sport you perform Pilates will help you to improve your overall performance. 

For example, how feet respond to the ground and how they interact with the rest of the body while running, indicates hugely. Depending on the goal of the runner (from simply enjoying a run out to run a marathon), the way athletes interact with their feet play a decisive role to achieve personal running goals. The lack of efficiency techniques result in early fatigue, injuries, discomfort and ultimately in frustration.


We will discuss your goals and set a Pilates program according to your needs.

This is suitable for any sport you do, such as running, swimming, climbing, horse riding, golfing, preparing for marathons, any kind of skating, cycling and etc.

Pilates for Dancers

Askia Swift; Pilates in Zurich for Dancers

Balletlates - The Class lasts an hour and starts with warming up on the Mat, doing Pre-Pilates exercises, which focuses on proper breathing and pelvic floor strengthening.

Tailoring the second half of the lession to teaching Classical Ballet barre exercises, for example, ”The Five Positions of the Feet”, “Tendu and Relevé” for strong Ankle/Foot stability and “Port de Bras” for proper arm/torso strengthening, activation and alignment.

Askia's first introduction to Pilates was as a young dancer, as a obligatory supplement to dance training. It was highly recommended as rehabilitation of an injury and as well preventive therapy. Training in the Pilates method, Askia witnessed amazing results in health and a deeper connection of body strength and awareness.

Askia started his career as a dancer, receiving his dance training/ education at the Baltimore School for the Arts, School of American Ballet (NY), Alvin Ailey Dance School (NY) and San Francisco Ballet School.

As a professional, he danced with San Francisco Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Geneva Ballet, Ballet Basel and was a guest artist with Zürich Ballet. Currently he is a guest ballet teacher for Alvin Ailey and a few small dance companies and schools in Switzerland.

Pilates for Mature Clients


As we live longer, addressing a healthy ageing process is important.

Janine enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with her older clientele. She firmly believes that we should never stop progressing and achieving our goals. 

After two hip replacements she has an in depth knowledge of how to use Pilates for successful rehab and is keen to share her experience.

« We retire too early and we die too young. Our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100. »
Joseph Hubert Pilates

Pilates for prevention or after Injury

Pilates can be applied to your individual physical needs whether you are suffering from the restrictions of an illness or on your way to rehabilitation. Pilates exercises facilitate your body awareness and therefore enable you to target specific areas of your body strength and flexibility to maintain and further your wellbeing.

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