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What kind of PILATES COURSES we can offer you

Pilates Courses:



Equipment group 


Add on Mat by KRN

Private lessons at ProPilates

Private Lesson

Comprehensive professional pilates training in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Private sessions are tailor made to your individual needs and goals. 

As our teachers come with a wealth of experience from different backgrounds we are able to offer a variety of goal orientated training.

Pilates for; musicians, scoliosis, pregnancy, athletes, dancers, healthy ageing, ...


We offer trial sessions to introduce you to the method and the studio and are happy to share our knowledge and experience. 

Pilates is for everyone and everyone is welcome.


Duration 55 min.

Private trainings are by appointment only.

  • A private trial hour to get to know the Studio and the Pilates Method

    1 hr

Duets in Seefeld

Duet Lesson

It is fun to train with a friend or colleague even if your needs are different. These hours are designed to be flexible and suit both participants.

Duration 55 min.

Duets by appointment only

Group Class ProPilates
Mat group ProPilatsSeefeld

Our Group Services

  • The Pilates mat class is an inspirational and effective workout.

    Offered Daily

    45 Swiss francs
  • Le cours de Pilates sur tapis est un entraînement inspirant et efficac...


    45 Swiss francs
  • Add on Mat® a fun and challenging follow along class designed by KRN


    45 Swiss francs
  • Being an active and athletic woman, I have experienced all the dramati...

    50 Swiss francs
  • The ideal time to start is 6-8 weeks after a spontaneous birth and 8-1...


    50 Swiss francs

  • Thu

    45 Swiss francs

  • 35 Swiss francs
  • A quick lunchtime pilates session can invigorate you and boost your en...

    25 Swiss francs
  • this workout utilizes all the equipment, to develop your body's highes...

    Offered Daily

    70 Swiss francs
  • Workout to build length, strength, and alignment in your body.

    Tue, Wed, Sun

    60 Swiss francs
  • A workout to create length and build stability to prepare you for the ...


    60 Swiss francs
  • A workout to build strength and balance creating stability in your bod...


    60 Swiss francs

  • Thu, Sat

    55 Swiss francs
Add on Mat
Equipment group ProPilates
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