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Benjamin Degenhardt

Live in Zurich

13th & 14th of April 24



We warmly welcome Benjamin to Zurich and are very delighted to present 2 wonderful intensive days with Benjamin. 

"Benjamin Degenhardt has been involved in the world of Pilates for over 20 years. He began his studies in 1998 and completed classical and contemporary training programs. Benjamin is a renowned educator and has presented his work at training facilities and conferences around the world. He refined his perspective on Pilates by synthesizing historical research on Joseph Pilates’ thought process with a modern understanding of movement, health, and fitness training.
Benjamin is the founder of 360° Pilates, an online learning platform dedicated to the original Pilates method, and the creator of March MATness, an annual and global social media campaign that celebrates the original Mat work. Additionally, he appears on Pilates Anytime, has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine and the documentary "Tribute to Joseph Pilates". He is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Pilates Certification Program."


We will start each day at 10am. A detailed schedule will be provided closer to the time. 

13th of April 2024  MAT


Return to life - 34 ways to control gravity



Upright Pilates

..we end the day with a Mat Class

A Pilates practice usually begins on the Mat, and it ultimately leads back to the Mat. Joseph Pilates handpicked 34 original movements that—according to him—would establish and maintain good physical health. In this workshop, participants get to explore and question these familiar exercises, discover their purpose, the logic in the original order, as well as helpful transitions and variations to introduce these movements.

Pilates was designed to follow nature’s learning curve as it relates to the progression of movement: from lying to sitting to kneeling to standing, gradually lifting the body’s center of
gravity. Get on your feet in this workshop and learn the many unique standing exercises from the original repertoire, as well as progressions of familiar exercises to the upright position.

14th of April 2024   STUDIO


We will start the day with a class...

Assessment & Conditioning -

the basics of Pilates



Corrective exercise strategies

In the original method, there were no “beginner” exercises; instead, each exercise in and of itself contains a spectrum of possibilities to regress and progress, making each movement an important piece to revealing the habits, strengths, and weaknesses of the practicing body. During this workshop we look at fundamental exercises and the way to use them as effective tools for assessment AND body conditioning.

Joseph Pilates truly saw the body in its entirety when he developed his work—not one part was ignored, and so he invented various apparatus to offer assistance, resistance, and correction wherever it was needed. This workshop teaches participants about the hierarchy of movement patterns, apparatus, their relationship to one another and the moving body, and how to reintegrate smaller devices such as the Toe Corrector and Neck Stretcher into modern teaching.

Kathi Ross Nash Reformer Pilates
Matte with Benjamin Degenhardt
Benjamin Degenhardt_


ProPilates Zurich, Kreuzstrasse 42, 8008 Zurich

Our studio is located in the heart of zurich.
it is easy to reach by public transport and offers various hotels, B&B and restaurants in the neighborhood. 

As we are in the city, parking is difficult, we recommend you use public transport. 

Tram: 2 & 4  

Tram stop: Kreuzstrasse

Directions: Leaving the tram stop walk up the main road away from the lake. Pass the Denner we are in the next block.  


Our studio has changing rooms with toilets and showers that can be used. 
We will provide drinks (water, tea and coffee) and snacks (fruit and nutrition bars). 
You have to bring your own lunch or it can be bought nearby. 
We have a fridge which can be used. 

If you need any help with finding a hotel or have any questions to the area please don't hesitate to contact us directly via


Registration will be on a strictly first come, first served basis.

The full fee is due on confirmation of registration.

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of payment.


A full refund will be given for cancellation up to one month prior to the workshop.

Within 2-4 weeks of the workshop there will be a 50% refund.

There will be no refund for cancellations within 2 weeks of the workshop.


In the event of the workshop being cancelled due to natural disasters, pandemic and the like, you will receive a full refund or a credit for the re-scheduled event.

2 Day Full Workshop

13th – 14th of April

Regular price: CHF 600

Early Bird ended 17.02. 560CHF


This includes:

  • all 4 workshops – 11h + 2h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks from the studio


13th of April - Mat

Price per day / per person

Regular price: CHF 290


This includes:

  • 5h workshop + 1h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks form the studio

14h of April - Studio

Price per day / per person

Regular price - CHF 330


This includes:

  • 6h workshop + 1h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks form the studio



Please fill out the form bellow

Please chose a Workshop variation (please only chose one):
Thank you for your application we will contact you shortly with more information.
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