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Pilates Courses by ProPilates Studio in Zürich-Seefeld

Over 20 years of Pilates experience

ProPilates Zurich
Pilates Studio Zurich-Seefeld

Pilates Studio Zurich-Seefeld l

Pilates Courses in Zurich 

ProPilates has been an established classical Pilates presence in Zurich for over 20 years. Our teachers have a wealth of experience and the large studios are equipped with the full range of apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates.

Group Classes Offered : 

  • Full Studio Workout - Reformer, Chair, Tower and Mat - experience the whole studio.

  • Reformer / Chair / Tower - single equipment workout, 55 min on 1 Pilates equipment

  • Mat Classes - Full mat class, props can be used.

  • Classes by request - Advanced Mat Class, Pregnancy, speedy mat ...

  • Trainee Classes - Teachers still in training to a reduced price. Please only apply if you have no injuries. ​

Privates and Duets are by appointment only. Please contact us directly for an appointment.

If you own a Hello Yoga book  please enter the promo code "HelloYoga".You can sign up for any lessons that have a green book 📗. You have to bring the book to the hour otherwise you can not participate!

Studio Pilates: ProPilates Studio Zurich-Seefeld mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung in Pilates

Pilates improves your health, fitness and wellbeing through targeted holistic physical training

Everyone is welcome – private clients pursuing their own goal orientations; groups of friends or like-minded people who want to workout together; trainee teachers looking for a friendly work atmosphere and a platform to exchange ideas and find inspiration and  qualified teachers looking for a well equipped space to practise.

«After ten times you feel the difference, after twenty times you see the difference and after thirty times you have a new body!» Joseph Hubert Pilates

We have a large and experienced team of self employed teachers who enrich the studio with their individual interpretations and applications of the Pilates method . 

Pilates maintains not only physical health but also the mental strength we need to control our daily stress levels. 

«A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.»

Joseph Hubert Pilates

Our studio is fully Equipped with Joseph Pilates Classical Equipment, designed by him to develop the skills necessary to perform the goal exercises of the matwork precisely described in his book, Return to Life.


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Professional Pilates training

We are live and you’re officially invited to see what’s new. Download on the App Store today 

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If you are already a member you can log into the new app with your normal log in name and password.


If you are having any issues with our booking system please contact us directly. We also appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Group Classes may be booked 6 hours prior to start. If you would like to book last minute please contact the us directly.

Testamonials, Pro Pilates Studio Zurich

"Von 0 zum Marathon, trotz Bandscheibenvorfall mit Lähmungserscheinungen und ohne Operation. Ja, das ist möglich, dank Reha-Pilates und später normalen Pilates.
Janine hat mich auf diesem Weg begleitet und mich bei den Vorbereitungen auf meine Marathons optimal unterstützt und die Übungen entsprechend meiner Kondition angepasst.
Sie ist zudem immer sehr gut auf meine Bedürfnisse eingegangen und hat so einen grossen Beitrag zu meinem Erfolg beigetragen. 
Ich kann Pro Pilates nur empfehlen!"

Karin Wälchli

Gold medal winner Karin Wälchli, Pilates Reference by ProPilates Zürich
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