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Pilates Course Instructor

Sara Kern grew up in the “Motor City”, Detroit, USA, where she dedicated herself to studying Literature and teaching writing courses.  

After a chance encounter on an airplane, she met the love of her life and embarked on a new life in Munich, Lausanne, and now Zurich.  

Since living in Switzerland, she has immersed herself in a wide range of professions, ranging from communications to art restoration. 


Sara started Pilates as a way to mix up her fitness routine of swimming, cycling and yoga.  

Pilates made her stronger than ever before and it quickly became her favorite workout.  


In March 2022, she earned her teacher certification through the Uno Pilates School.  


Sara’s favorite part of Pilates is that it continually offers new challenges and is accessible to everyone, no matter what their fitness level.

Sara Kern, ProPilates Zurich, Pilates Instructor
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