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Segmental Spinal Control: Starfish, Jellyfish, Crab

The Upper Limb in Arm-standing and Brachiation

With Cara Reeser & Jeremy Laverdure

14th to 16th of June 24

Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure


We warmly welcome Cara and Jeremy back to Zurich and are very proud to present 2 wonderful intensive days with them and there MSMS. 

Movement Science Made Simple is a graduate education program for Pilates instructors developed by Cara Reeser & Jeremy Laverdure. MSMS joins current concepts in biomechanics, motor learning theory, and pain science with time-tested movement training strategies. Our evidence-based approach imparts the knowledge and confidence needed for Pilates instructors to work with diverse client populations and collaborate effectively with other fitness and rehabilitation professionals.



We start of on the Friday afternoon with the 

Segmental Spinal Control: Starfish, Jellyfish, Crab


In this workshop, we explore segmental control and dynamic stabilization of the spine through distal initiation of movement (Starfish), manipulation of the breath (Jellyfish), and head-tail connection (Crab). These strategies can be used to organize all of our Pilates movements, including the most advanced Classical Pilates exercises. We will look at how these concepts or images relate to our usual idea of the “core,” while participating in a playful, energetic movement practice.


This workshop pairs nicely with the weekend course Lift Off, but can also be taken on its own.

The weekend we are ready to "Lift Off" !

Our focus is on The Upper Limb in Arm-standing and Brachiation.

Many high-level skills in Pilates, yoga, and calisthenics require the ability to bear weight on the arms or to hang from the arms. If we view the whole Pilates repertoire with these goals in mind, we can see how open-chain tasks set us up for these advanced closed-chain skills, where the arms are the base that moves the rest of the body through space.

We can also appreciate how these high-level skills are the most dramatic expression of abilities we all use every day: the ability to use our arms to help change our position from lying to sitting, or from sitting to standing, for example. Or the ability to steady ourselves using the strength of our arms when our hand is on a stair rail or subway pole.


To understand these uses of the upper extremity, from the everyday to the exotic, we need to understand the structure and function of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.


In this Movement Science Made Simple course we:


  • Review the musculoskeletal anatomy of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand

  • Learn training strategies to help clients work toward arm-standing and hanging (brachiating) movements

  • Improve our understanding of Pilates exercises where arm-standing and brachiating are required

  • Refine our teaching of the Pilates repertoire with these high-level goals in mind

Lift Off MSMS.jpg

* A detailed time schedule will be sent closer to the time after your registration. Any questions contact us directly

Kathi Ross Nash Reformer Pilates
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ProPilates Zurich, Kreuzstrasse 42, 8008 Zurich

Our studio is located in the heart of zurich.
it is easy to reach by public transport and offers various hotels, B&B and restaurants in the neighborhood. 

As we are in the city, parking is difficult, we recommend you use public transport. 

Tram: 2 & 4  

Tram stop: Kreuzstrasse

Directions: Leaving the tram stop walk up the main road away from the lake. Pass the Denner we are in the next block.  


Our studio has changing rooms with toilets and showers that can be used. 
We will provide drinks (water, tea and coffee) and snacks (fruit and nutrition bars). 
You have to bring your own lunch or it can be bought nearby. 
We have a fridge which can be used. 

If you need any help with finding a hotel or have any questions to the area please don't hesitate to contact us directly via


Registration will be on a strictly first come, first served basis.

The full fee is due on confirmation of registration.

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of payment.


A full refund will be given for cancellation up to one month prior to the workshop.

Within 2-4 weeks of the workshop there will be a 50% refund.

There will be no refund for cancellations within 2 weeks of the workshop.


In the event of the workshop being cancelled due to natural disasters, pandemic and the like, you will receive a full refund or a credit for the re-scheduled event.

2.5 Day Full Workshop 14th - 16th of June 2024

14th – 16th of June

Early Bird –  765 CHF 

early bird ends 31st of April

Normal Price 900 CHF

This includes:

  • 2,5  workshop days – 15h 

  • Manuels

  • drinks and snacks from the studio

2 Day Lift Off - Workshop 15th & 16th of June 

15th – 16th of June

Early Bird –  620 CHF 

early bird ends 31st of April

Normal Price 720  CHF

This includes:

  • 2  workshop days – 12h 

  • Manuels

  • drinks and snacks from the studio

Half Day - Segmental Spinal Control - Workshop 14th of June 

14th of June

Normal Price 200  CHF

This includes:

  • half day workshop days – 3h 

  • drinks and snacks from the studio



Please fill out the form bellow

Thank you for your application we will contact you shortly with more information.
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