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Kathi Ross Nash
Live in Zurich

24th 26th of August

We are already sold out !

please sign up for our waiting list and we will contact you asap if anything changes. 

Baby Chair Pilates KRN mit Kathi Ross Nash, live in Zuric August 2023h


We warmly welcome Kathi Ross Nash to Zurich and are very proud to present 3 wonderful intensive days with Kathi. 

To take part in this workshop you must have completed a Comprehensive teacher training. 

The workshop can be booked in single days or as a whole. Please see schedule and prices below. 


24th of August 2023


Mat Class

The Red Thread ®of the Mat

Part 1 - Order Is Important 


Mat Class

The Red Thread ®of the Mat

Part 2 - Spinal Function Thread 

Price per person: 350CHF

Focus Part 1 - How each exercise on the Mat Builds in a Pattern. ©

Focus Part 2 - Spinal Function Thread ©

How to correctly add Mat exercise according to clients needs & abilities. Use the method to strengthen what is weak and challenge what is strong.

This workshop looks at the connections between the Mat exercises in the classical Pilates Method.

  • How do they build in the order of the Mat?

  • How do we use The Red Thread ® of spinal function to create a unique workout for the individual student?

  • How do we know when a student is ready to move to the next level and how do we Build them to it?

  • How do we create challenge within the exercises to move them to more depth and strength?


The Mat is the Heart & Soul of the Classical Pilates Method….

The Red Thread ® can help deepen your understanding and application of this method.

25th of August 2023


Mat Class

The Baby Chair


Mat Class

The Red Thread ® of

the Reformer

Price per person : 440 CHF

No one leaves Baby in the Corner! Learn the “Lift” of Pilates and how amazing this little Baby can be!


For years Baby sat in the corner - “It’s for old ladies and delicate dancers” we were told. So for years Baby to the side and out of the light.

This workshop will change your mind about the Arm/Baby Chair! It contains exercises that challenge the strongest of strong.

The Arm/Baby Chair teaches us the missing component in the Pilates of today. It teaches us how to lift and engage our Powerhouse in the correct manner. You will learn to move with length in two directions from a strong center.

The Arm/Baby Chair connects the front body to the back body and then both more deeply into the Powerhouse. Unique to this workshop, you will not only learn the how of each exercise, but the why, when and what.

  • Why would I choose the Baby Chair instead of the Cadillac?

  • When would I add a spot, bar or Magic Circle, What is the purpose of this exercise and how does it connect to the work of Pilates?


Once again, THE RED THREAD® is woven and the connection is understood between the Mat and Reformer to increase a greater understanding of Pilates as a Method.

How to correctly add Reformer exercise according to client’s needs and abilities. How to use the method to strengthen what is weak and challenge what is strong

26th of August 2023


Mat Class

Variations on the Reformer Part 1


Mat Class

Variations on the Reformer Part 2

Price per person 440 CHF

Part 1 - Building Variations

Part 2 - Challenge Variations

So many variations and so little time... This workshop unveils the why, what, when and who of choosing the correct variation for the needs of the Student. When the purpose of each exercise is focused on, the variation choice is simplified. In this workshop you will learn not only what to choose, but why to use one variation over another and maintain the purpose of each exercise.

Kathi Ross Nash Reformer Pilates
Kathi Ross Nash Teaser.jpg
Kathi Ross Nash Mat


ProPilates Zurich, Kreuzstrasse 42, 8008 Zurich

Our studio is located in the heart of zurich.
it is easy to reach by public transport and offers various hotels, B&B and restaurants in the neighborhood. 

As we are in the city, parking is difficult, we recommend you use public transport. 

Tram: 2 & 4  

Tram stop: Kreuzstrasse

Directions: Leaving the tram stop walk up the main road away from the lake. Pass the Denner we are in the next block.  


Our studio has changing rooms with toilets and showers that can be used. 
We will provide drinks (water, tea and coffee) and snacks (fruit and nutrition bars). 
You have to bring your own lunch or it can be bought nearby. 
We have a fridge which can be used. 

If you need any help with finding a hotel or have any questions to the area please don't hesitate to contact us directly via


Registration will be on a strictly first come, first served basis.

The full fee is due on confirmation of registration.

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of payment.


A full refund will be given for cancellation up to one month prior to the workshop.

Within 2-4 weeks of the workshop there will be a 50% refund.

There will be no refund for cancellations within 2 weeks of the workshop.


In the event of the workshop being cancelled due to natural disasters, pandemic and the like, you will receive a full refund or a credit for the re-scheduled event.

3 Day Full Workshop

24th – 26th of August

Early Bird – 980 CHF 

This includes:

  • all three workshop days – 12h + 6h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks from the studio


24th of August 

Price per day / per person

350 CHF

This includes:

  • 4h workshop + 2h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks form the studio

25th of August 

Price per day / per person

440 CHF

This includes:

  • 4h workshop + 2h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks form the studio

26th of August 

Price per day / per person

440 CHF

This includes:

  • 4h workshop + 2h Mat Classes

  • drinks and snacks form the studio


Waiting List

Please fill out the form bellow

Please chose a Workshop variation:
Thank you for your application we will contact you shortly with more information.
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